About East African Indigenous Peoples’ Land Summit 2022

About EAIPLS 2022

The East African Indigenous Peoples’ Land Summit 2022 is co-convened by IMPACT Kenya and PARAN Alliance; in collaboration with other partners. The Summit will be held under the theme: Amplifying Collective Voices of Indigenous Peoples through Inclusive Dialogues and Learning to Enhance Land Rights for Livelihoods and Conservation in East Africa. The Summit builds on the success of the first ever Community Land Summit in Kenya held in December 2021 in Nanyuki Town, Kenya; co-convened by IMPACT Kenya and the National Land Commission.

This year’s East Africa IPs Land Summit 2022, will bring together Indigenous People; pastoralist and hunter-gatherer communities from Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi) to share and learn from each other on current issues affecting them, directly engage policy makers from governments, regional and sub-regional governmental organizations including AU and RECs, CSOs, the private sector other actors; and together forge the way forward towards addressing those challenges. Over 200 IPs community delegates from East Africa, high level representatives from the Africa Union, Regional economic communities, National and county Governments, Development actors, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Private sector, researchers and the academia are scheduled to attend. The summit will adopt an inclusive and consultative dialogues, cultural exchanges, discussions, plenary and other innovative approached to ensure effective engagement of all participants.

Summit Objectives

Building on the Community Land Summit of 2021 that was convened by IMPACT Kenya and other strategic partners, this year’s East African Indigenous Peoples’ Land Summit broadens the scope both geographically and content-wise. The main objective of the Summit is to provide a unique east Africa regional platform for Indigenous peoples to connect, share experience and learning with each other, strengthen solidarity and directly engage policy makers and other actors on issues affecting pastoralism, livelihoods and conservation.
Community Land Summit 2021

Specific Objectives

Community Land Summit 2021

East African Indigenous Peoples’ Land Summit 2022 Venue

This year’s East African Indigenous Peoples’ Land Summit will be held at the Sports Arms Hotel in Nanyuki, Laikipia County from the 21st to 25th of November 2022.

We urge delegates to book their accommodation for their time at the Summit as soon as possible. A range of accommodation options are still available in Nanyuki town.

Things to do in Laikipia County
Laikipia County have created a Welcome Guide for visitors to Nanyuki which includes things to see and do in the county and beyond.