About Community Land Summit (CLS) 2023

About CLS 2023

The Community Land Summit 2023 is co-convened by IMPACT Kenya and PARAN Alliance; in collaboration with other partners. This year’s theme focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality, women, youths’ autonomy in rangelands management, and sustainable pastoralist economy. The Summit builds on the success of the two subsequent Community Land Summits in Kenya held in December 2021 and November 2022 in Nanyuki Town, Kenya.

The Community Land Summit 2023, will bring together indigenous peoples, pastoralist communities, hunter-gatherers, civil society organizations, county and national government, private sector, researchers and academia, and other developmental partners to deliberate and dialogue on current issues in indigenous peoples’ territories ranging from land tenure rights, gender equality in land ownership, use and access, investments-effective investors engagement strategies, renewable energy and benefit sharing, conservation and carbon credits, eco-tourism, women/youths investments opportunities and livestock economy. Over 200 indigenous people’s community delegates will be invited to actively participates in the dialogue, the conference is planned for November 14th to 17th 2023 in Allamano Grounds- Maralal, Samburu County. Plenary discussions will be organized to deliberate on the above-mentioned topics.

Summit Objectives

The issue of inclusive land governance is critical for the achievement of sustainable rangelands management and equal benefit sharing which remains a challenge among the pastoralist communities, this underpins the need for a robust discussion to develop effective strategies in response without compromising the people’s culture.

The overall objective of the summit is to provide a strategic avenue for indigenous peoples and local communities to deliberate on inclusivity in land governance and other emerging issues in the face of economic strain.

  • To discuss the available opportunities to advocate for inclusivity in land ownership, access, and control among the indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • To deliberate on the available mechanisms that can push for IPLCs tenure rights both in the regional and international arenas.
  • To discuss responsible investments in community lands with effective benefit-sharing mechanisms.
  • To provide a platform for women and youth to appreciate and explore opportunities for income-generating interventions in community lands.

Expected Outcomes

Community Land Summit 2023 Venue

The 2023 Community Land Summit conference is planned for November 15th to 17th 2023 in Allamano Grounds – Maralal, Samburu County.